How can we not do everything in our power to stop climate change?Astronomer and climate activist Bernadette Rodgers
Climate change will surely get worse before it gets betterAstronomer and climate activist Bernadette Rodgers
We cannot address climate catastrophe without tackling its root cause: fossil fuel dependenceUN Secretary-General António Guterres
The currently prevailing focus on cleaning the supply side needs to be complemented with demand-side measures.former European commissioner Janez Potočnik
Welfare of human beings is deeply linked to nature — to the existence in our world of a vast diversity of wild animals and plants
12 Ways to Live More Sustainably |
A “high” standard of living — one with private vehicles, air travel, on-demand goods, limitless computing power, nutritious food and constant amusement — is energy and emissions consultant and university professor Wal van Lierop
We have a perpetual desire to buy more and more to fill our lives. All the while, our lives become more empty.Sean Youra
We are jeopardizing our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption…
By failing to adequately limit population growth, reassess the role of an economy rooted in growth, reduce greenhouse gases, incentivize renewable energy, protect habitat, restore ecosystems, curb pollution, halt defaunation, and constrain invasive alien species, humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperilled biosphere.….
World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice (Ripple et al. 2017)
Every product we purchase has an environmental footprint, from the materials used to create it to the pollution emitted during manufacturing to the packaging that ends up in landfills and incinerators
12 Ways to Live More Sustainably |
We have to agree how much carbon we can each emit within the limits of what the planet can bear – then make good lives within those boundariesDr. Diana Ivanova
Every tenth of a degree global warming matters!climate scientist Rob Jackson
To have any hope of meeting the central goal of the Paris Agreement, which is to limit global warming to 2°C or less, our carbon emissions must be reduced considerably
Global food system emissions could preclude achieving the 1.5° and 2°C climate change targets |
Despite decades of ever more urgent warnings, humanity is failing to address the climate crisisAstronomer and climate activist Bernadette Rodgers
How is large-scale change made, if not from an accumulation of smaller changes?Sherry Listgarten
Het vergt lef om de klimaatwerkelijkheid onder ogen te zien
Dr. Bianca Harms
We are in a full blown Climate CrisisPeter du Toit
The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it.Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe
The problem is that we do not often see the true ugliness of the consumer economy and so are not compelled to do much about it.
The distance between shopping malls and their associated mines, wells, corporate farms, factories, toxic dumps, and landfills, sometimes half a world away, dampens our perceptions that something is fundamentally wrong.
David Orr
Orr, David. 1999. “The Ecology of Giving and Consuming,” in Consuming Desires: Consumption, Culture, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Roger Rosenblatt, editor). Island Press, Washington, DC
As the hard realities of climate change become clearer in our daily lives, taking responsibility for mitigating these effects is a front-of-mind issue.Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University
Wij vragen burgers om reizen per vliegtuig zo veel mogelijk te vervangen door klimaatvriendelijk vervoer en het te beperken en het te compenseren.
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It is important that we develop a shared understanding of the basic science and impacts of climate change, to make sense of our actions and policy options going forward.Sherry Listgarten
Recycling is a scam meant to give consumers the illusion of being environmentally responsible without having to change their lifestyles.IT-specialist John Meadows
Climate change, despite its outsized impact on the planet, is still an abstract concept to many of us. That needs to changeSherry Listgarten
The software bloat, as in the case of Microsoft Windows 11, deliberately obsoletes your old hardware, which is perfectly operable.Retired engineer Hopeful Humanizer
no matter where we live,
climate change is already affecting us todayKatharine Hayhoe
We have too much advertising in too many places in our lives, and that advertising is endorsing and normalising a set of cultural values that are deeply unhelpful to our society.Jon Alexander
First thoughts #1: I am not (just) a Consumer | The New Citizenship Project Blog
The transition to a sustainable society is one of the greatest challenges of our timeThe Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets
Our individual behaviors are pivotal in creating a better shared future,
one with fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a stable climate to live
The negative association between materialism and well-being is currently almost an axiom in psychology and consumer research
Material and consumer identities –
The problems of today should be understood and dealt with
at a developmental level
John Bowlby
The way that we’re living on the planet, using fossil fuels to power our lives, has changed our climate.Tamara Dimattina
What can I do, personally, about the climate crisis?author of ‘The Climate Action Handbook’, A Visual Guide to 100 Climate Solutions for Everyone Heidi Roop
Feeling guilty about past emissions doesn’t help.Steve Schmidt
We’re not on this planet to consume.Tamara Dimattina
The great hope for a quick and sweeping transition to renewable energy is wishful thinkingVaclav Smil
There’s so much in our lives that we consume, because we want to consume it not because we need to consume it.Chip Colwell
Every year for the rest of your life will be one of the hottest [on] record.Prof Andrew Dessler
Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate and other species. From what we eat to how many children we decide to have, there’s a lot we can do.
12 Ways to Live More Sustainably |
Every year, since 1970, we’ve heard that the latest technology is going to save the environment and make everything so much better. And yet, as technology adoption has exploded, the environment has gone into a death of ‘World Wide Waste’ Gerry McGovern
Willen we onze kinderen en kleinkinderen beschermen tegen de gevaren van klimaatverandering dan moeten we zo snel mogelijk af van fossiele brandstoffen.Prof. dr. Martijn Katan
NRC 2023-09 – Waarom ik deze zaterdag de A12 ga blokkeren
Advertising at its best is making people feel that without their product, you’re a loser. Kids are very sensitive to that.
Nancy Shalek
Marketing & Consumerism – Special Issues for Young Children |
Climate change isn’t all your fault. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.Gaby Del Valle
We used to think that the farther you went from home was what made a good vacation. Now we know that it’s really more about the journey.Steve Schmidt
We refuse to ask the right questions because these questions expose a stark truth—we cannot continue to live as we are living.Derrick Jensen
As a firefighter, I’m usually called to the scene when it’s far to late for prevention
and all that’s left is a vague hope for damage control.
We do what is neccessary under great personal risk for our health and life, not knowing if it’s even possible to change the outcome.
I feel the same calling from the climate crisis right now!Chemist and firefighter Mark
Our western society is completely trespassing Earth’s boundaries. We are not ready and not even preparing to limit those impacts and adapt.French Environmental Engineer Nicolas
As the urgency of our global crises continues to rise, immediate behavior change is greatly needed, if we are to effectively address these
Do people realise if biomass was an alternative (to fossil fuels) it would only last a year at best, to burn every hydrocarbon of the surface of the earth. How is that sustainable or renewable?yianiris
If the planet is not heating up, why are the oceans getting warmer?David Lewis
We have done more damage to the environment in the last 50 years than in the previous 200, of ‘World Wide Waste’ Gerry McGovern
People simply don’t want to read how dire the situation is
without some hope that we can still avert disasterRemi Charron
I don’t expect to make a difference with those who deny science. Banging my head against a wall is not an activity I find worthwhile. For those who have at least one toe in the real world, I hope what I post here makes a difference.Ph.D. Eliot Jacobson
Sustainable consumption plays a major role in the transition to a more sustainable society.The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets
The marketing industry convincing us that we can only be beautiful, happy, young, that we can only have friends, if we consume the right things.Chip Colwell
There is increasing recognition that behaviour change — not just technical innovation — is required to tackle climate change.Charlotte and Garnett, 2023
I am sick and tired of the never ending expectation of consumption. The message is tirelessly beat into our heads. Buy buy buy! Consume!
There’s no regard for the environment and no regard for humanity. It’s the unrealistic demands of never ending growth.House Panther[email protected]/111697671547955970
I feel deeply our responsibility to this incredible planet that we call home.Sherry Listgarten
As climate change accelerates, each decision we make can either contribute to the problem or help solve itSaqib Ali
The Key to Sustainable Living: Embracing an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in 2023 |
The extent to which we see ourselves – consciously or otherwise – as Consumers is a root cause of pretty much every major problem our society faces today.Jon Alexander
First thoughts #1: I am not (just) a Consumer | The New Citizenship Project Blog
The most important climate solution is YOU.Project Drawdown
Obligatory hope to avert climate disaster, provides an excuse for inaction on a personal levelRemi Charron
Cars were a great invention for people who depended on horses to get where trains and trams wouldn’t take them and to carry things the last mile. To build an entire civilization around it, was the worst idea, ever.Mina
The shift from consumer to citizen is a truly big ideaDame Fiona Reynolds
Citizens: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us a book by Jon Alexander |
We moeten hemel en aarde bewegen om ruim onder de twee graden opwarming te Michiel van den Broeke
We need a complete change of mindset.Dr. Diana Ivanova
I hate to be such a Debbie Downer, always offering so many gloomy posts — but I’m afraid that’s just the reality we’re living inBread and Circuses @[email protected][email protected]/111505638655592639
Remember when we got out of school at 5 PM and we wouldn’t hear from our teachers until the next morning? That freedom no longer exists for our kids. Schools — from teachers to group mates, from gossip to bullies — now have access to our kids 24/7. Just like our work often does. And, that’s pretty bad.Benito Vergara
Zonder begrip van de materie bij de bevolking zal er geen draagvlak ontstaan voor het klimaatbeleid, en zal ook de noodzakelijke gedragsverandering van de consument uitblijven.
Manifest: een leefbare wereld voor onze kleinkinderen |